Art by Erica Henry
Art by Erica Henry
Create Something Beautiful Today

You can create and license your patterns on numerous items and products and it is super easy and fun.

Even if you don't feel like an artist.

Even if you didn't go to art school.

If you have passion and determination I can teach you how to turn your dreams into a reality and become a Surface Pattern Designer!!!

Hi, my name is Erica Henry.

I am a fine artist, illustrator, surface pattern designer, and I have a passion for teaching others.

Not all that long ago, I was just like you. I didn't even know that creating patterns could even be a job. When I discovered this career path I dove headfirst and learned everything that I could about the process of creating patterns, how to license my patterns, and how to be a successful Surface Pattern Designer. Now I license my artwork to various companies and teach others just like you how to do the same.

I share my tips and tricks for navigating the huge world of Surface Pattern Design.

I cannot wait to see you in class and see what wonderful things you will create.

Best of all it is FREE!!

**For the time being. I have discontinued the paid classes**

I am moving all of my videos here, so please be patient during this move. More information is to come.