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Artist Erica Henry drawing in a leatherbound sketchbook on a fall day in a garden
Forward facing headshot of artist Erica Henry smiling in a garden

I am an artist, illustrator, and surface pattern designer. I am a neurodivergent person who loves all kinds of mediums, crafts, and subjects.  My passion is colored pencils though.  I am located in Middle Tennessee.  I am a caffeine addict and love teaching and helping others.  

Hi! I ' m  Erica Henry

I drew all the time as a child and teen, but life got in the way. I stopped for about 8 years until one day while on my lunch break from work, I suddenly got the urge to draw.  I went straight to the art supply store and got some graphite pencils and a sketch book.  A spark was reunited and I haven't looked back since. I  love sharing my art with the world and seeing it come to life on products.

I make most of the products in my shop by hand because I love the process and being able to control the quality and quantity of the products.  There is something really special about a hand made item.

I also license my artwork and seamless repeat patterns to various business to add to their own products.  Please check out my licensing page if you are interested in learning more about that.

Thanks for stopping by!

Erica Henry

Let’s Work Together

Art by Erica H

4682 E. Jefferson Pike

Box 211

Lascassas, TN 37085

Tel: 1-615-542-1165

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